The Sweeting Homestead on Elliott Key - FIU Digital Collections

The Sweeting Homestead on Elliott Key - FIU Digital Collections

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at Page 89, Public Records of Palm Beach County,said parcel lying and being In Corporation, abutting upland owners, to purchase two parcels of submerged 
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Homesteading In Florida During The 1890's - FIU Digital Collections

and from there had walked along the beach with the barefoot mailman, pay-ing one dollar each for the privilege. This walk took three days and they camped at
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Key Vaca, Part II, Modern Phase - FIU Digital Collections

drawn over the open water gap separating "The Vacas or Cows" from "Viper .. deputy tax assessor estimated there were about 3500 parcels of land on the island. is the mention that about midway of Key Vaca, J. S. Raybon (1904) found.
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The Sweeting Homestead on Elliott Key 24 tlers and layered history, Elliott Key has intrigued many south Florid- ians for more than a 
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the Keys to fish and salvage wrecks for many years before Key. West was of Key West boatbuilding was a Bahamian named John Bartlum. Bartlum came to 
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Tequesta : Number 25/1965 - FIU Digital Collections

67. By Ralph H. Humes. Three Early Spanish Tampa Bay Maps. 83. By Charles W any way he may think advisable, provided the means adopted are not such Only give them the Court they would manufacture jurymen as occasion required. depredations, the Sloop-of-War Vandalia sent an expedition up the coast,.
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Building the Overseas Railway to Key West - FIU Digital Collections

in Georgia to build a railroad to Key West, with plans for extending its service by . The man chosen to take general charge of the project was Joseph Carroll.
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Tequesta : Number 18/1958 - FIU Digital Collections

t••.o: is published annually by the Historical Association of Southern Florida By the beginning of this century it had all but ceased to exist. It meant replenishment .. Coast, having a high beach in front, an extensive plain immediately behind, .. Mrs. Rosalie Russell (maiden name also Russell) of Islamorada, seventy-.
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TEQUESTA indicate that he He is shown in 1872 to have been a Judge of the County By 1881 the State of Florida was in a position to offer inducements to.
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TEQUESTA times, the workmen spending their money getting drunk, fighting, shooting and killing," Sewell recalled. "I have known as high as three or four dead.
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Cape Sable and Key West in 1919 - FIU Digital Collections Center

Cape Sable and Key West in 1919 By WILLIS S. BLATCHLEY Editor's note: Reprinted from In Days Agone: with the long subtitle "Notes on the Fauna and Flora of
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Key West and the Spanish American War - FIU Digital Collections

Key West and the Spanish American War. By WILLIAM J. SCHELLINGS. Key West, because of its location and harbor, was destined to be of far.
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Five Plants Essential to the Indians and Early Settlers of Florida by JOHN C. GIFFORD T HE following five plants served the Indian and early settler well.
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Watch the Port of Miami - FIU Digital Collections - Florida

during the Seminole Indian Wars, Lt. John T. McLaughlin wrote of the problems and personnel, had to row supplies to the fort on the Miami River from a base on Key .. Island Seaport. (The Dodge Islands were named for Dr. R.L. Dodge,.
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The Administrative System - FIU Digital Collections Center

The Administrative System in the Floridas, 1781- 1821 UPON by DUVON CLOUGH CORBITT superficial examination of the administrative system used
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The Early Years Upriver - FIU Digital Collections

He was an early "barefoot" mailman, and manager of traveling troupes appearing in the U.S. and Canada. At the age of 40, he joined his father upriver.
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West Palm Beach by DORA DOSTER UTZ* It was not long after this that Papa decided to move down to West Palm Beach which he did, and again set up his
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On Blockade Duty In Florida Waters - FIU Digital Collections

Fort Pickens to right of lighthouse which is fronted by a land battery. Stars and Stripes . Vertification by the negroes that a trap was laid for us by the rebels kindling a . them and launch also, found all the lost ones on shore - the " Sagamore".
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The Tampa Bay Hotel - FIU Digital Collections Center

The Tampa Bay Hotel By JAMES W. COVINGTON On August 20, 1885, Tampa obtained direct railroad connections with the North for the first time.
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The Coconut Grove School - FIU Digital Collections Center

The Coconut Grove School By GERTRUDE M. KENT* 1887 What was Coconut Grove, Dade County, Florida like back in 1887? At that time it was just a small bay
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The Rockets Come to Florida - FIU Digital Collections

only the facilities of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, but various manu- facturing "The Fertile Crescent: the South's Role in the National Space Program," .. 34 Trip Report of Kurt Debus April 23, 1952, Trip Reports 5.3.10, O.H., KSC.
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Last Command: The Dade Massacre - FIU Digital Collections

habitants on hearing our approach had taken to the swamp and would fight if 3 Dade did not follow and the potential battle was .. in the Wahoo Swamp.
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Ornithology of "The Cruise of the Bonton" - FIU Digital Collections

Ornithology of. "The Cruise of the Bonton". By William B. Robertson, Jr. The Bonton's cruise having been undertaken for the specific purpose of collecting plumes 
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Digging the Cape Sable Canal - FIU Digital Collections Center

Digging the Cape Sable Canal By LAWRENCE E. WILL My old friend Captain Scott Holloway, who had thrown his first muck in the Everglades when the drainage
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Flagler's Undertakings in Miami in 1897 - FIU Digital Collections

Activity in Miami in 1897 was one of manifold expression, various 2,000 people lived in the new railroad town but half of them were Flagler The first newspaper was a .. York and Florida Limited started service between Jacksonville and Miami daily. This trip took only 12 hours for an average of 31 miles per hour.
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Life in Palm Beach County, Florida, 1918-1928 Part II: The Real Estate Boom and the Hurricane of 1928 From Noah Kellum Williams' Grandpop's Book Edited by Charlton W
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A Short History of Liguus Collecting - FIU Digital Collections Center

Long Pine Key area-Liguus fasciatus wintei Humes. Winte has been a long time conservation officer. He has done much on the preservation of Liguus. You will read
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Medical Events in the History of Key West, Tequesta - FIU Digital

locality by recording some of the more important past events concerning the institution. the disease 25 times in 31 summers in 50 towns, 11 states, besides on . sundown. As a landing was about to be effected, a messenger from the.
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The History of Air Transportation in Florida - FIU Digital Collections

The History of Air Transportation in Florida by THOMAS P. CALDWELL Mr. Caldwell was a resident of Tampa when the first commercial air line in the country was
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