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A DARFUR WHO’S WHO3 - Universitetet i Bergen

A DARFUR WHO’S WHO3 - Universitetet i Bergen
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Pages: 232
Size: 814 KB
Year: 2007

What is the Avatar? - Universitetet i Bergen

What is the Avatar? Fiction and Embodiment in Avatar-Based Singleplayer Computer Games Rune Klevjer Dissertation for the degree doctor rerum politicarum (dr.polit.)
Pages: 210
Size: 3.05 MB
Year: 2013

Differential Topology - Universitetet i Bergen

If this topology is Hausdorff and has a countable basis for its topology, then Mis a topological manifold. This can be achieved if, for instance, we have that
Pages: 83
Size: 4.72 MB
Year: 2009

Vetchinnikova — presentation - Universitetet i Bergen

Nov 14, 2009 Annette Camilla Sjørup — Cognitive effort in metaphor translation: An study is of course the contrastive analyses of Vietnamese, Albanian.
Pages: 130
Size: 1.71 MB
Year: 2008

3.2 STREAM CIPHERS - Universitetet i Bergen | Universitetet i

• Feedback with carry shift register (FCSR) Klapper, Goresky 1997: specific nonlinear FSR whose feedback function has memory s t
Pages: 110
Size: 811 KB
Year: 2008

View/Open - Bora - Universitetet i Bergen

himself stranged and fragmented: his deactivation can only put forward a . Primo Levi, whose 1947 Se questo e un ommo was not welcome until 1958, when 
Pages: 405
Size: 1.55 MB
Year: 2005

Feminism, Epistemology & Morality - Bora - Universitetet i Bergen

1.1.2 Feminist epistemology: Democratic epistemology, social epistemology For a good overview, see “Feminist Epistemology and Philosophy of Science” in  
Pages: 114
Size: 459 KB
Year: 2009

View/Open - Bora - Universitetet i Bergen

omsorgssenter i Haugesund. Ikke minst vil jeg takke min 
Pages: 116
Size: 1.66 MB
Year: 2013

The Multimedia Expanse - BORA - Universitetet i Bergen

literacy and four study programmes (psychology, dentistry, education and medicine). and CLT, highlighted by the works of Mayer and John Sweller.
Pages: 196
Size: 1.16 MB
Year: 2007

View/Open - BORA - Universitetet i Bergen

2.4.2 Utvalg av informanter til ordintervjuene på Shetland, august 2005. 3.1.1 Målgruppa for Jakob Jakobsens Etymologisk ordbog over det norrøne sprog på om orddød har operert med lengre spørrelister på opp til 2000 ord kjente med Jakobsens arbeid, fant jeg ingen tegn på direkte kopiering eller mulig avskrift.
Pages: 114
Size: 3.13 MB
Year: 2011

View/Open - Bora - Universitetet i Bergen

How to model influence factors on capacity in a complex assembly line environment by. Johannes .. The dotted lines with the rhombi represent pro- cess conflicts .. cing loop be much higher because of the delayed order fulfilment. The need for taking discrete events into consideration can be derived partly from studies 
Pages: 268
Size: 1.24 MB
Year: 2008

View/Open - Bora - Universitetet i Bergen

Angela Carter leser Freud. Allegorien og parodien som kritiske lesestrategier i. The Passion
Pages: 98
Size: 633 KB
Year: 2013

View/Open - BORA - Universitetet i Bergen

ved Høgskolen i Volda for at du var villig til å være min 
Pages: 92
Size: 465 KB
Year: 2009

View/Open - BORA - Universitetet i Bergen

3.2 Game Theory. Roger A. McCain defines Game Theory as “the study of the choice of strategies by interacting rational agents” (McCain 2004: 3), making it a 
Pages: 86
Size: 391 KB
Year: 2009

View/Open - BORA - Universitetet i Bergen

En noe mer eksakt definisjon kom fra The Orton Dyslexsia Society Research Comittee i 1994
Pages: 68
Size: 189 KB
Year: 2004

Wittgensteinarkivet ved Universitetet i Bergen: Bakgrunn

Wittgensteinarkivet ved Universitetet i Bergen: Bakgrunn, prosjektplan og årsrapport for 1990
Pages: 148
Size: 4.89 MB
Year: 2012

View/Open - (BORA) - UiB - Universitetet i Bergen

unntak av i den indiske kulturen (til dømes Brahmagupta).
Pages: 177
Size: 769 KB
Year: 2008

MA-thesis-Anniken Gjesdahl - BORA - Universitetet i Bergen

2.5.1 Van Dijk's study of news as discourse………………………25. 2.5.2 Other .. paragraphs, stories, and conversations' (Johnstone 2002:5). Handbook of Discourse Analysis, 41 chapters by different contributing authors are included. The.
Pages: 184
Size: 10.25 MB
Year: 2013

Learner Corpus Research 2013 - LCR 2013 - Universitetet i Bergen

Sep 27, 2013 grammatical encoding of past time in L2 Norwegian An English collocations E -workbook designed to Brazilian Portuguese speakers . the well-known International Corpus of Learner English or ICLE (Granger et al., .. group of participants have other L1s (Hungarian, Korean, Finnish, and Turkish).
Pages: 136
Size: 1.21 MB
Year: 2012

View/Open - (BORA) - UiB - Universitetet i Bergen

oversette direkte til norsk uten å være misvisende, så jeg har derfor valgt å bruke . Integrering har sin etymologi fra det latinske integrare, som betyr ʽå gjøre 
Pages: 126
Size: 15.91 MB
Year: 2013

Niche News and the Mobile Web: - Bora - Universitetet i Bergen

Jun 25, 2013 The prototypes were created in three iterations, of analysis, .. According to Google2 (2012), 48% of mobile users become frustrated or 
Pages: 339
Size: 8.06 MB
Year: 2009

View/Open - (BORA) - UiB - Universitetet i Bergen

Ainz se deit voluntiers mustrer. 5. ÷ Quant uns granz . 28 Sovent en peis, sovent en guere. 29 Li reis aveit un . 101 Ariere chiet sur l'erbe ÷ drue. + ok stefndi 
Pages: 24
Size: 471 KB
Year: 2002

CURCULIO - Universitetet i Bergen

An International Newsletter for Curculionoidea Research CURCULIO - An International Newsletter for Curculionoidea Research (founded in 1975) - is published each year
Pages: 91
Size: 603 KB
Year: 2012

View/Open - (BORA) - UiB - Universitetet i Bergen

qualitative research methods and how to do interview and survey studies. 4. As examples of how successful quality OSS can be, both the Linux kernel and the . such are valuable because they are able to answer questions that other 
Pages: 59
Size: 1.8 MB
Year: 2012


dedicated to embedded solutions reliability in subsea electronics techniques to obtain high reliability stig-helge larsen karsten kleppe data respons
Pages: 58
Size: 240 KB
Year: 2013

View/Open - Bora - Universitetet i Bergen

anime (animasjon) og manga (tegneserier) har hatt på stilen hans, til de mer av den pornografiske animasjonsstilen hentai, den mørke baksiden til anime og .. sammen med andre Murakami-miniatyrer blant annet fås gratis sammen med  
Pages: 18
Size: 671 KB
Year: 2012

Book of Abstracts - Universitetet i Bergen

Jun 18, 2012 particularly with the cultural and social aspects of music therapy, 'reciprocal- feedback' model of musical communication which Creativity, well-being, and children's musical improvisation at home and .. Ruud, E. (1998).
Pages: 52
Size: 3.69 MB
Year: 2010

View/Open - Bora - Universitetet i Bergen

Clinicians may consider to use neurodynamic tests when examination the . David Butler og Michael Shacklock er to sentrale personer som har tatt qualitative assessment of shoulder girdle elevation during the upper limb tension test. 1.
Pages: 29
Size: 412 KB
Year: 2006

Core Servlets - Universitetet i Bergen

servlet after the servlet class has been loaded and example, http or ftp. String getProtocol() Returns the name and version of the protocol used in the
Pages: 47
Size: 483 KB
Year: 2005

Performance Management In Practice - Bora - Universitetet i Bergen

This paper examines how the Norwegian system of performance management,. Management-By-Objectives-And-Results (MBOR), works in practice in civil 
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Year: 2007